Sunday, 20 April 2014

Religious Calendar Curriculum Intro

The trouble with being in a religion of one, is there is no off the shelf RE curriculum to buy. One day I had a brilliant (yay!) but horribly expensive (not so yay) idea to make a religious calendar curriculum, rather along the lines of 'we are one, but we are many.' It's supposed to be a sort of way to connect my kids to the rest of the world without attempting to make us part of them. I'm not into cultural appropriation.
I haven't been able to include every religion and every denomination out there. I've picked what I consider the major religions to know about that I was able to summarise into a format for this project that would leave adherents nodding their head approvingly, rather than spitting at me for pretending to know things. I hope the project will evolve as the kids get older, but for now it is directed towards my 6 year old and intended to take not more than 15 minutes first thing in the morning.
Info was gathered from various sources, some books, mostly the internet and a number of helpful people on the Well Trained Mind forum.
Please note: I am not suggesting you ought to spend all your pocket money the way I have or that my priorities ought to be yours!

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Rose-Marie was one of those enthusiastic planners who began researching when she was pregnant with her first. She wanted to homeschool because it sounded like an affordable adventure, then she met her kids personally...
Her young daughter has Echolalia and some processing issues so isn't speaking fluently yet. Her young son has retained primitive reflexes and autism. While there may be a deity somewhere who knows what's going to happen with this kid, he/she/it hasn't chosen to inform us. They live on a hill in rural southern Australia without enough solar panels and like it there.

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