Saturday, 16 August 2014

Give Away!

The weather has been lovely in my part of the world and I am *desperate* to get out into the garden and plant something! I know, however, that if I plant anything before November, the frost will kill it so I am keeping strong and limiting myself to weeding. Weeding is not as spirit lifting as planting, is it?

So this week I offer this little book I acquired in a Book Depository mix up:

(I will post anywhere in the world, and it will arrive providing the Post Office fairies are attentive to their duties. The winner will be announced next Sunday.)

To enter, tell us who would you like to win this for! (And do make sure we will have some way of contacting you.)

P.S. If you try and post a comment, the page might reload with a captcha, do scroll down and make sure you fill it in if it has or the comment won't post. If you don't like to parley with captchas, you may comment on the Facebook post instead:


  1. Master 6 would love this. He is all things gardening. He even wants a garden party for his 7th and wants to transform his bedroom into a garden theme.

  2. My two girls are getting really keen on gardening as an extension of cooking for our restrictive diet. We're also an all natural, no plastics, recycling family so it would be fantastic for them.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful book that my whole family will enjoy! However, my 9 year old is really into gardening and would love it most. Your "down under" seasonal talk kind of threw me there for a minute, since here in Middle Tennessee (USA) it's stinking HOT and the gardens are winding down for the year. I know how you feel though. Every March the idea of getting out in the warm sun makes me antsy.