Saturday, 7 February 2015

Give Away!

Hi there Everyone!

Welcome to 2015! Yes I know, it is February. Sometimes getting into the groove takes contemplation. Sometimes even procrastination…

But to get into the blogging mood, we have a giveaway!

Late last year an article came up on my FB feed about the republishing of the first ever book of Indigenous Australian stories, "The Legends of Moonie Jarl." I thought this was so exciting, and so very much worth supporting that I bought one not just for my daughter, but for one of you too!

Here's their site:
If you don't win this one, you can go there and buy a copy!

Now, to enter:

1. People don't get their prizes if they don't leave a way to contact them!
2. Yes, of course this is open to anyone around the world. Landscapes stretch all the way around the globe, do they not? Plus, paying international postage is my hobby.
3. If you're answering on here, rather than the FB page, do make sure you fill out the captcha thing, or your response may be lost.

4. Tell us who the Indigenous creator spirit is of your area, or if that info is long lost, look one up on Wikipedia and find an interesting one to share. :)

Winner will be chosen next Sunday.
Book will be posted when I go to the post office.
I will cross my fingers that the Post Fairies deliver the parcel without mishap, but they aren't our bestest ever friends in the whole world, so we can't guilt trip them into *ensuring* they do.

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  1. Dhakhan seems to be a pretty important figure for the Kabi people of south east Qld where I live. Interesting to read up more on them, found lots at

    If I manage to win this give away I can be contacted on jensbusydays at gmail dot com