Saturday, 30 May 2015

Links for educating about Domestic Violence

I wouldn't presume to know what *you* should be teaching *your* kids about domestic violence.

I don't know what your kids know. 
I don't know what your kids don't know.

I don't know what is safe for you to tell your kids
I don't know what is safe for your kids to know.

I don't know what isn't safe for you to tell your kids.
I don't know what isn't safe for your kids to know.

But this must be a topic of concern to you, as it should be to all parents, or you wouldn't be reading. You probably don't know exactly what you should teach your kids either. Perhaps you have no experience, so don't know what you're meant to be preparing your kids to avoid. Perhaps you have all too much experience and court orders that prevent you from saying and doing the exact things you *know* you want to tell those pieces of your heart that walk around in someone else's body- namely your children. Tough topic.

Most forms of abuse are legal.

Sometimes you can't get away from the perpetrators.

You can't cure other people's personality disorders.

Sometimes damage control is the best you can do.

Sometimes life sucks.

But here are some links to help you work out what you need to teach. There can be no "one size fits all" here.

From Woman's Aid in the UK:

The Education Toolkit- Expect Respect

For Kids in Shelters: The Children's Welcome Kit

From the Victorian Government in Australia:

Building Respectful Relationships: Stepping out against gender based violence for secondary school students.

From the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, in association with UN Women:

Voices Against Violence
(This seems to be available in English, French and Spanish.)

From the New South Wales Government in Australia:

Child Protection Education K-6

Out of America:

The Representation Project
(If you purchase anything here, we'd like to hear a review, thank you!)
((I've emailed asking for a suitably priced kit for home use))

Another from Australia:

Respectful Relationships


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