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Horrible Histories by SOTW chapter (V.2)

I love the Horrible History tv show. I like it so much I don't care whether my 8 year old learns anything from it or not and include it in our history studies anyway. I bet you like them too, or will when you get your hands on them, so I offer the list of Horrible History clips organised by Story of the World chapter we've used and enjoyed in our homeschool. 

Story of the World, for those who don't know is the popular history curriculum for children in the early years of school, written by Susan Wise Bauer:


Chapter 1, The Glory That Was Rome- none (wah!)

Chapter 2, The Early Days of Britain

*Series 1, episode 8, Smashing Saxons: Historical Hairdressers. Presents of dung

*Series 2, episode 6, Smashing Saxons: Saxon weather forecast. Ghost Prevention (a woman violently berates her husband for burning their crops). Anglo-Saxon famine beliefs

*Series 3, episode 3, Smashing Saxons: Invasion, Invasion, Invasion
*Series 3, episode 6, Cut-Throat Celts: Horrible Points of View. Historical Pet Shop: Celt customer
*Series 3, episode 12, Cut-Throats Celts: Celtic poetry banning. "Celtic Boast Battle Song" (song)
*Series 3, episode 12, Savage Stone Age: Comparison between Stonehenge and the pyramids (animated). Cliff Whiteley: Stonehenge purposes

*Series 4, episode 3, Smashing Saxons: Historical dentist. Historical Masterchef
*Series 4, episode 10, Smashing Saxons: Saxon belief in monsters. Historical Dates: Saxon peasant

*Series 5, episode 1, Smashing Saxons: Weekdays Assemble (parody of Avengers Assemble). Saxon farmer's crop-growing solution.

Chapter 3, Christianity Comes to Britain

*Series 1, episode 12, Smashing Saxons: Saxon mealtime charades. The Monk Art Show: how to write like a monk

*Series 2, episode 11, Smashing Saxons: "The Monk Song" (song)

*Series 5, episode 5, Smashing Saxons: Wonders of the Saxon UniverseKing Aethelred meets Brother Augustine.

Chapter 4, The Byzantine Empire- none (alas!)
Chapter 5, The Medieval Indian Empire- none (bother!)
Chapter 6, The Rise of Islam- none (woe!)
Chapter 7, Islam Becomes an Empire- none (boo!)
Chapter 8, The Great Dynasties of China- none (wah!)
Chapter 9, East of  China- none (misery!)
Chapter 10- The Bottom of the World- none (whinge!)
Chapter 11- The Kingdom of the Franks- none (sook!)
Chapter 12- The Islamic Invasion- none (whine!)
Chapter 13- The Great Kings of France- none (grizzle!)

Chapter 14- The Arrival of the Norsemen

*Series 1, Episode 3, Vicious Vikings (partially animated): some Viking beliefs: the origin of the first man and woman, how the sky is held up, life after death (Valhalla or Hell) and the story of Thor searching for his stolen hammer
*Series 1, episode 4, Smashing Saxons: Saxon EastEnders (Weregeld law). Anglo-Saxon Ghost Hunt

*Series 2, episode 1, Vicious Vikings: Vikings navigate with a raven as a compass. "The Viking Song" (song) 
*Seriage traditions

*Series 3, episode 7, Vicious Vikings: Historical Wife Swap: Vikings and Thralls

*Series 4, episode 8, Vicious Vikings: Wonders of the Viking universe. Historical Dates: Viking courting and marriage traditions

*Series 5, episode 2, Vicious Vikings: Vikings settle a dispute peacefully
*Series 5, episode 4, Vicious Vikings: I Can't Believe You Fed Me Seal Blubber! (parody of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!). Erik the Red advertises Greenland (parody of Iceland advertisements).
*Series 5, episode 8, Vicious Vikings: Shouty Man: New Runic Alphabet. Crucifix Con-Artist.. Viking peace (song).

Chapter 15- The First Kings of England

*Series 1, Episode 1, Vicious Vikings: Historical HairdressersWarrior: Viking vs Monk
*Series 1, episode 5, Smashing Saxons: Court of Historical Law: ordeal by cake. Twisted Fairytales: "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" (Saxon punishments)
*Series 1, episode 8, Vicious Vikings: Stupid Deaths: Edmund II. Valhalla Tours (989-1016)
*Series 1, episode 13, Vicious Vikings: HHTV News: Bob Hale's Viking Report. Stupid Deaths: Sigurd the Mighty (875-892AD)

*Series 2, episode 8, Vicious Vikings: Viking war paint. The Lindisfarne attack ~793AD
*Series 2, episode 9, Vicious Vikings: HHTV Sports: Viking feud. Viking chief funeral
*Series 2, episode 10, Measly Middle Ages: News at 1066Now Miserable: Volume 3 (with "special guest" Simon Cowell, a reference to the Pig Piano sketch of Series 1)

*Series 3, episode 2, Smashing Saxons: HHTV News: The Battle of MaldonMonk Magazine (991AD)
*Series 3, episode 8, Vicious Vikings: Winter Cooking with the Hairy Vikings. Historical Desktops: Stained Glass Windows XP
*Series 3, episode 9, Vicious Vikings: Writing a history book. "We Sell Any Monk" (advertisement)

*Series 4, episode 3, Vicious Vikings: New Home Abroad. HH Movie Pitch: King Canute (990-1035)
*Series 4, episode 10, Measly Middle Ages: HHTV News: Saxon Rebellion on Ely. Normanopoly (board game) 1070AD
*Series 4, episode 12, Smashing Saxons: Saxon bank. HH Movie Pitch: Alfred the Great (847-899)

Chapter 16- England After the Conquest

*Series 1, episode 5, Measly Middle Ages: HHTV News: the Domesday Book. William the Conqueror's Funeral 1028-1087
*Series 1, episode 9, Vicious Vikings: Words We Get from the Vikings. Hornless helmets (animated)
*Series 1, episode 11, Vicious Vikings: Words We Get from the Vikings. Viking rhymes

*Series 2, episode 3, Measly Middle Ages: Historical Paramedics. Scary Stories: "The Children of Woolpit"
*Series 2, episode 7, Smashing Saxons: Words We Get from the Saxons. New Saxon sign of the Cross. Engelbert, Edwin and Ergotism
*Series 2, episode 12, Smashing Saxons: Bag-O-Swallow-Chick Stomach Stones (advertisement for a cure for headaches). Saxon Helmet Company. Words We Get from the Saxons

*Series 3, episode 1, Vicious Vikings: Words We Get from the Vikings. Historical Paramedics
*Series 3, episode 2, Nasty Knights: Attacking a castle. The siege forecast
*Series 3, episode 8, Smashing Saxons: Kidnapped (two parts). Words We Get from the Saxons 2
*Series 3, episode 8, Measly Middle Ages: the death of William II. Stupid Deaths: Henry I  1056-1100 and 1068-1135
*Series 3, episode 10, Smashing Saxons: HHTV News: Norman report. The love story of Mud and Matilda. Words We Get from the Normans

*Series 4, episode 4, Measly Middle Ages: HHTV News: The siege of Palermo. Stupid Deaths: Gyrth and Leofwine, King Harold II's brothers, dead in the Battle of Hastings. Words We Get from the Normans

*Series 5, episode 10, Measly Middle Ages: Query of the War of the Bucket. Matilda and Stephen (song). 
*Series 5, episode 11, Measly Middle Ages: Great Historical Country Walks. French word confusion. 

Chapter 17- Knights and Samurai

*Series 1, episode 7, Measly Middle Ages: "I'm a Knight" (song, two parts). That Was EntertainmentJousting on Ice
*Series 1, episode 8, Measly Middle Ages: The confusing name of Wat Tyler. The rules of chivalry. 

Chapter 18- The Age of Crusades

*Series 2, episode 4, Measly Middle Ages: Historical Hospital: European and Arabian medical points of view during the Crusades. Stupid Deaths: Humphrey De Bohun
*Series 2, episode 5, Measly Middle Ages: HHTV News: Bob Hale's Crusades Report. Crusader crones

*Series 3, episode 4, Nasty Knights: HHTV Investigates: Knight Deaths. Stupid Deaths: Knights Templar

*Series 4, episode 11, Nasty Knights: Historical Masterchef. Crusader Presents

Chapter 19- A New Kind of King

*Series 1, episode 6, Measly Middle Ages: Flagellants' beliefs. The made-up planet (animated)  1200's-1300's

*Series 3, episode 5, Measly Middle Ages: John Balliol's release request. Stupid Deaths: Griffith Ap Llewelyn  1239-1314 and ??

*Series 4, episode 1, Measly Middle Ages: HH Movie Pitch: Richard Whittington (1354-1423)
*Series 4, episode 7, Measly Middle Ages: Snowball fight at the Earl of Lancaster's execution. Stupid Deaths: Richard the Raker 1322AD
*Series 4, episode 8, Nasty Knights: Stupid Deaths: Richard the Lionheart. Crusader training course on monsters. Mellified Man
*Series 4, episode 11, Measly Middle Ages: Historical Desktops: King John

*Series 5, episode 1, Measly Middle Ages: A knight goes off fighting with his eyes closed. Richard I goes off crusading
*Series 5, episode 3, Shocking Scotland: Bonnie Prince Charlie. HH Movie Pitch: Robert the Bruce. 1720-1788 and 1274-1329
*Series 5, episode 7, Measly Middle Ages: Gross DesignsEdward IOwain Glyndŵr (song). 1239-1307
*Series 5, episode 8, Shocking Scotland: Black Agnes defends against the Earl of Salisbury's siege of Dunbar Castle. 1312-1369
*Series 5, episode 12, Measly Middle Ages Making It in the Middle Ages, Stupid Deaths: John of Bohemia. 1296-1346

Chapter 20- The Diaspora- none (sadness!)
Chapter 21- The Mongols Devastate the East- none (alas!)
Chapter 22- Exploring the Mysterious East- none (woe!)

Chapter 23- The First Russians

*Series 5, episode 3, Ruthless Rulers: Gross DesignsVlad the Impaler. Stupid Deaths: Ivan the Terrible. 1431-1476 and 1530-1585

Chapter 24- The Ottoman Empire- none (shame!)

Chapter 25- The End of the World

*Series 1, episode 10, Measly Middle Ages: Twisted Fairytales: "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" (plague spreading). "Bring Out You Dead" (song)

*Series 2, episode 11, Measly Middle Ages: The Plague Report. Scottish invasion in England. My Big Fat (Medieval Scottish) Wedding (~1346)

Chapter 26- France and England at War

*Series 1, episode 5, Ruthless Rulers: Louis XI and the Pig Piano, with special guest Simon Cowell (animated) (1423-1483)
*Series 1, episode 11, Measly Middle Ages: Stupid Deaths: The gory Middle Ages. Ready Steady Feast: live from the Siege of Orléans (1428)

*Series 2, episode 7, Measly Middle Ages: knight fight refusal argument. Rattus Rattus fantasizes: Joan of Arc is confused by an angel

*Series 4, episode 9, Measly Middle Ages: Edward III's wedding. HH Movie Pitch: Agincourt: The Movie (1312-1377)

*Series 5, episode 5, Fabulous French: The Dauphin introduces Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc (song).  

Chapter 27- War for the English Throne

*Series 1, episode 13, Terrible Tudors: the history of Shakespeare's Globe (animated). The ghost of Richard III questions the historical accuracy of the Shakespeare play based on his life (1452-1485)

*Series 3, episode 3, Measly Middle Ages: Stupid Deaths: James II of Scotland. "William Wallace Song" (song)  1430-1460 and 1270-1305
*Series 3, episode 6, Measly Middle Ages: HHTV News: Bob Hale's War of the Roses Report. "Richard III Song" (song)

*Series 5, episode 9, Terrible Tudors: Lord Stanley at the Battle of Bosworth Field. "Henry VII" (song). 

Chapter 28- The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal- none (wah!)
Chapter 29- African Kingdoms- none (woe!)
Chapter 30- India Under the Moghuls- none (alas!)

Chapter 31- Exploring New Worlds

*Series 4, episode 4- Awesome USA: Colonization. "The New World" (song)
*Series 4, episode 5, Radical Renaissance: HHTV News: Bob Hale's Renaissance Report. Leonardo da Vinci's unfinished works 1452-1519
*Series 4, episode 6, Potty Pioneers: Christopher Columbus discovers the West Indies. HH Movie Pitch: Leif Ericsson
*Series 4, episode 9, Radical Renaissance: The corrupt Pope and "The Borgia Family" (song) 1492-1503

Chapter 32- The American Kingdoms
(In civilisation order)

*Series 3, episode 1, Angry Aztecs: Dog steak and pond scum biscuits are on the menu of "Historical Masterchef" (parody of Masterchef). Howler monkeys realise why they're a favourite hunting target
*Series 3, episode 6, Angry Aztecs: "Aztec Come Dine With Me": The annual days of maize and beans have a rather anti-social side effect.
*Series 3, episode 9, Angry Aztecs: "Aztec Gardeners' World" discusses fertilizing fields with human blood. Enjoy hours of family fun with Aztec Whodunnit-o
*Series 3, episode 12, Angry Aztecs: Hi-Tec All-in-One Cactus multipurpose tool and Chuckle Resin chewing gum (advertisements)

*Series 2, episode 1, Incredible Incas: Shouty Man: New! Multi-Purpose Incan Hole. Incan Sham-pee (advertisement)
*Series 2, episode 4, Incredible Incas: Historical Shopping Channel: Inca Hour. "Stay Calmer When You Want to Harm a Llama" (advertisement).
*Series 2, episode 5, Incredible Incas: CD set: "Live like an Incan" (advertisement). An Incan child gets some offbeat birthday presents.
*Series 2, episode 9, Incredible Incas: The Chasqui messenger service turns into a game of Chinese Whispers. HHTV News: Bob Hale's Incan Report
*Series 2, episode 12, Incredible Incas: Francisco Pizarro's "Very Rough Guide" to Mexico

Chapter 33- Spain, Portugal, and the New World- none (woe!)

Chapter 34- Martin Luther's New Ideas

*Series 1, Episode 2, Terrible Tudors: This Is Your Reign: King Henry VIII. Henry VIII sings "Divorced, Beheaded, Died", a song about his six marriages 

*Series 2, episode 12, Terrible Tudors: Horrible Histories World Wrestling: Francis I of France defeats Henry VIII by tripping him up. Rattus Rattus fantasizes: Historical Desktops: Mullions XP (the English Reformation)
*Series 2, episode 11, Terrible Tudors: HHTV News: Bob Hale's Catholic Report. King Henry VIII plays tennis while Anne Boleyn is executed 

*Series 3, episode 6, Terrible Tudors: Henry VIII Tudor diet plan. Historical Paramedics

*Series 4, episode 2, Terrible Tudors: Martin Luther's strange office. Henry VIII goes on Cash in the Abbey. "Hide and Priest" (game)
*Series 4, episode 12, Terrible Tudors: Historical Masterchef. Paranoid Henry VIII

*Series 5, episode 2, Terrible Tudors: Religious Switchover (parody of the Digital Switchover). Thou Hast Been Framed! (parody of You've Been Framed!): Tudor Executions.
*Series 5, episode 7, Terrible Tudors: Who On Earth Are You? (parody of Who Do You Think You Are?). Henry VIII shows off the Tudor King Lift.

Chapter 35- The Renaissance

*Series 5, episode 4, Measly Middle Ages: Anglo-Saxon ChronicleHistorical ApprenticeJohannes Gutenberg vs. Monks.

Chapter 36- Reformation and Counter Reformation- none (wah!)
Chapter 37- The New Universe- none (bah!)

Chapter 38- England's Greatest Queen
(In mostly monarchial order)

*Series 4, episode 10, Terrible Tudors: Edward VI's whipping boy. "Mary I" (song) 

*Series 3, episode 3, Terrible Tudors: Lady Jane Grey is queen for nine days. The invention of the English mile

*Series 3, episode 11, Terrible Tudors: Phillip and Mary: Love Story. Tudor sugar-paste toothpaste

*Series 4, episode 7, Shocking Scotland: Historical Dates: Mary, Queen of Scots. "The Blue-blooded Blues" (Song)
*Series 5, episode 3, Terrible Tudors: Francis Walsingham's postal service advert bloopers. HHTV News: Mary, Queen of Scots report.

*Series 1, episode 4, Terrible Tudors: Elizabeth I's nicknames. Oh Yea! Execution Special. "We're Tudors" (song) 
*Series 3, episode 5, Terrible Tudors: Elizabeth I's Christmas (from the Horrible Christmas Special). Platform shoes (animated). Historical Fashion Fix: peasant to nobility
*Series 3, episode 9, Terrible Tudors: Complicated money currencies. Liz's peculiar laws
*Series 4, episode 3, Terrible Tudors: Historical Desktops: Queen Elizabeth I Online Dating
*Series 5, episode 8, Terrible Tudors: Edward De Vere passes wind in Elizabeth I's court. Stupid Deaths: Diane de Poitiers.

Chapter 39- England's Greatest Playwright

*Series 2, episode 1, Terrible Tudors: Elizabeth I likes only one of her portraits. Historical Mastermind: Shakespeare flaunts the words he has invented

*Series 4, episode 5, Terrible Tudors: William Shakespeare gets into a rap battle. Oh Yea! Magazine: Elizabeth I
*Series 4, episode 11, Terrible Tudors: News in Tudor criminal slang (with signer for hard of hearing). Tudor Spelling Bee. Shakespeare and the Quills (song)

Chapter 40- New Ventures to the Americas - none (woe!)
Chapter 41- Explorations in the North- none (boo!)

Chapter 42- Empires Collide

*Series 4, episode 1, Terrible Tudors: The Spanish Armada (film, two parts). Stupid Deaths: Tudor archers

*Series 5, episode 5, Terrible Tudors: Tudor Wildlife Magazine. Stupid Deaths: Hans Steininger. d.1567

Rose-Marie was one of those enthusiastic planners who began researching when she was pregnant with her first. She wanted to homeschool because it sounded like an affordable adventure, then she met her kids personally...

Her young daughter has Echolalia, dyscalculia and some processing issues so isn't speaking fluently yet; but she is making good progress as they work and play in Central Victoria, Australia.

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